Cloud Accoutants – Cloud Accounting Explained

ByBill Duff

Cloud Accoutants – Cloud Accounting Explained

Cloud Accounting Features and Benefits

Here at Atlas Accountancy we are huge advocates of Cloud Accounting and we’re writing this blog post to illustrate why. Let’s start with explaining The Cloud:

What Is The Cloud?

Cloud Accountants Atlas Accouting Slough High Wycombe Quickbooks ‘The cloud’ refers to various services (not just accounting) where files and information are saved on servers connected to the internet. In simple terms this means that instead of keeping them on a computer in the office and physically sitting in front of it to access your files, you can access them anywhere you are connected to the internet. Similarly, using a tablet or mobile device that’s connected to WiFi or the internet means that any device you use that is able to get online means you can access your files. You can’t actually see the cloud up in the sky, but it’s got a large silver lining and here’s 8 reasons why.

QuickBooks Platinum Partner

The Cloud is perfect for accounting and bookkeeping and you’re missing out if you’re not using a Cloud accounting package. Atlas Accountancy are a QuickBooks Platinum Partner, additionally we are also a member of the Sage Accountants’ Club.

Access To Cloud Accounts At Any Time

All of our Cloud accounting clients have access to their financial information anytime and anywhere. You can update your accounts in seconds, whether you are on a train travelling to a meeting or online in the office at your desk.

A Real Timesaver

You will save time as you’re able to login to the cloud and check your finances whenever you have internet access. Automation of tasks and bulk actions on multiple entries will save you many hours, and Cloud accounting means you can fit in your bookkeeping tasks during those periods travelling for business when your time might otherwise be wasted. Cloud updates and fixes are automatic too, so you’ll always be up to date with the latest version meaning you don’t have to install updates on hardware or software.

Money Saving

As you don’t need to buy special hardware or software or keep updating them to the latest model or version you’ll be saving your hard-earned cash.

Safe And Secure Data Cloud Accouting

Cloud Accountants Slough High Wycombe Atlans Accouting Small BusinessLaptops, memory sticks and tablets are easily lost, damaged or stolen which means your data could be lost or end up in the wrong hands. Then you have the physical problem that servers can malfunction too. Even if your data is backed up on a device in your office, it’s vulnerable to theft or physical damage. Accounting in the Cloud simply means that your data and files are held on many servers in many locations, and it’s is the responsibility of Atlas Accountancy for the safety and security of your financial data. A rigorous secure authentication is provided to all Cloud clients and we recommend you don’t share the login with anyone. Contact Us should you have any queries.

Go Greener and Help The Environment

Some accounting hardware owned by companies, particularly small businesses, is usually excessive. Quite often there’s a lot more equipment and processing power than they require. Energy-efficient, modern servers in data centres with climate control offer the ease to replace such unnecessary hardware in thousands of offices UK Nationwide and globally. Polar bears will be thanking you we promise!

Collaborate Accounts In Real Time

Cloud accounting is brilliantly simple so we can be logged in at the same time as your chosen members of staff, allowing the access to company accounts to easily collaborate on financial tasks and bookkeeping.

Continual Updates

As a part of our Cloud accounting services we provide the whole package, seamlessly integrating financial reports, future projections and transactions with invoicing and payment systems. Everything is in one place, interacting in real time and simultaneously updating when you’re sleeping.

Atlas Cloud Accounting Support

Cloud based accounting apps are being constantly developed and updated by us, we provide you with all the support that you require with your chosen Cloud application, giving you and / or your IT department one less thing to be concerned about.

We love everything about Cloud accounting and you will too – begin your journey now by calling 01753 880818 or send a message via the Contact Form.

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